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BRANDON BOND 11-28-2007 12:26 PM

BOB TYRRELL is coming!!!!!!!!
All or Nothing Tattoo would like to announce the impending arrival of world renowned black and gray tattoo master Bob Tyrrell. If you are not familiar with his work you can view it at . Bob will be tattooing at both and in mid December. If you would like an appointment please email Bob personally at There is an extremely limited number of appointments available, as he is one of the most sought after tattooists in the world. Bob will be appearing at All or Nothing in Atlanta, GA on more than one occasion so if you can not get in this time, set it up for next time! Bob will be departing Atlanta to travel to LA to film for season 2 of LA INK. You can see the youtube film about Brandon Bond's trip to LA INK at:

We also want to announce the second youtube "Annie Oakley" All or Nothing Pit Bull Rescue movie.

Part 1:

Part 2: This is the newest one. We are extremely interested in helping pit bulls this holiday season, on we have autographed Charity Calenders available, where all proceeds go to pick one up and save a life.

The holidays are coming, and is having the largest Christmas sale in its history. Almost everything is 50% off, and this includes Brandon's Tattoo Seminar DVD! This sale is for an extremely limited time and will end soon, so get your Christmas shopping done early this year Stranglehold style!

We have worked extremely hard in putting together three full length films from our publishing company, STRANGLEHOLD PUBLICATIONS, and are excited to announce the impending release of our newest documentary, SEE YOU IN HELL VOL. 2 "Burning Both Ends".

See You In Hell Vol. 2 "Burning Both Ends" is a documentary focusing on the hectic and chaotic life of Brandon and the All or Nothing Clan, that takes the viewer deep into a world of traveling, tattooing, partying, and absolute workaholism. This is an incredible film that far surpasses its predecessor "See you in Hell Vol. 1" which is
available NOW on

Vol. 1 received amazing reviews. For a full review please check out

-"5 Stars, We were absolutely BLOWN AWAY" -CRAVE Magazine.

-"A window into an insane world of success, excess, and art" SKINART Magazine.

-"You will see that his charisma and personality, coupled with buckets full of talent, make him a leader of men. You also get a clear understanding of why he is so successful in so many aspects of his life but you can also see why, as his wife says, he has so many enemies". - SKIN DEEP Magazine UK

Vol. 1 is an explosive and volatile film set to a thunderous soundtrack from EULOGY Records. Vol. 2 will be released with an accompanying soundtrack released from EULOGY that showcase many of their newly signed bands as well as some new songs from everyone's older favorites.

See You In Hell Vol 2., "Burning Both Ends" is a much more personal and well put together documentary that focuses on some extremely emotional and retrospective realizations. Where Vol. 1 is more of an introduction to everyone and a crazy hell ride, Vol. 2 digs much deeper and travels further into the lives of these award winning artists and their families, while still keeping the viewer on the edge of the seat with insanity.

The other film released by our publishing company is entitled "THE WHOLE ENCHILADA" and is a completely different and unrelated project. This film is available only to licensed professional tattooers and is an advanced instructional DVD that takes you to Brandon's private studio for up close techniques, taking the viewer to an actual live seminar at the North Carolina Tattoo Convention taught by Brandon Bond and Joy Surles of SKINART Magazine. "The Whole Enchilada" is an
incredible collection of motivational and professional information directly pertaining to all levels of a Tattoo Artist's Career. This 2+ hour film is in NO WAY meant to REPLACE an apprenticeship!!! All aspects of sterilization and cross contamination must be covered prior to viewing this DVD.

This will motivate even the laziest of all tattoo guys, and gives you a window into the growth and techniques of ALL OR NOTHING TATTOO. It covers everything about stencil layout, illustration vs. realism, tattooing, time management, focus, promotion, running a crew, attracting great artists to your shop, dealing with the customers,
convention booth acquisition, and career growth. This is a career changing film, from a man that has succeeded on his own terms, and explains in vivid detail exactly how it can happen for anyone who is willing to put fourth the effort.

"This barrage of information is priceless, 15 long years in the making, from an artist who is ever changing our industry". East Coast Ink Magazine

"Tattooing is my life, I have lived for nothing but this art form for 15 years, and this is a collection of the fruits of that labor, and will give the viewer absolutely everything we have discovered to date about this industry and the equipment we use." - Brandon Bond

-The All or Nothing Family

Psychoholic 11-29-2007 01:26 AM

Re: BOB TYRRELL is coming!!!!!!!!
Man that dude is a maniac

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