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Drasticpleasurestat2 12-12-2013 06:56 PM

Cody Blevins THIEF!!!! Machines, Inks, Videos etc.
I took this guy under my wing and taught him to tattoo, helped pay his rent while doing so.
I also furnished ink, needles, machines etc. to help him get started while he worked for me and was able to buy his own stuff.
My wife and I even bought his daughter stuff at Easter and X-mas and gave it to him to give her so he wouldnt look like a dead beat.
Well he has since left after being here several years and the following is SOME of the stuff he stole....
1 Neo-Tat machine
1 Dragonfly machine
2 Joshua Carlton machines
ENTIRE set of Eternal Ink
Critical Tattoo power supply
Both volumes of the whole enchillada videos
Both Keith Ciaramello videos
Russ Abbott Tattoo Video
ALL Nate Beavers Videos, Franco Viscovi video, Alex D'Pasque video
ALL flash books and sheets done by AON, Steve Soto, Tony C., and misc others.
He also stole ALL our piercing needles and over 500 worth of jewelry.
He stole the AON light table and backboard as well.
I guess after being here for a little over 4 years I still shouldn't have given him a key!!
I had this guy in my mothers home for holidays, picnics and other family affairs.
So if anyone see him or he tries to sell any of the stuff please get a hold of me on my cell at 570-541-8626.
I heard he got involved with a girl and drugs so who knows.
Thank you all and keep your eyes and ears out for this scumbag!!
Sincerely a down but not out artist,

TattooMagoo 02-07-2014 02:10 PM

Re: Cody Blevins THIEF!!!! Machines, Inks, Videos etc.
Sorry to hear that, dude!

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