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guyzenhammer 12-05-2010 01:39 AM

eikon ems 250 issues?
Has anyone else been experiencing problems with Eikion's EMS250 power supply? I've had to send mine back twice already for a failed digital encoder.
(voltage adjustment control). My machines are set up as such that they require very little voltage adjustment between them so it's not like the knob even gets turned more than half a turn one way or the other. I'm also very careful not let any Madacide or any other liquid for that matter drip or run under the knob. Love the clean, consistent power as my machines run noticeably better and at lower voltages but reliability seems to be becoming an issue. Any comments would be appreciated.

unnerving 01-15-2011 01:40 PM

Re: eikon ems 250 issues?
Mine always sounded like something was ratteling around inside it. Never had an issue with it though. Used it for almost 5 yrs. before the the shop got broken into and now it's gone.

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