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roobysue 05-08-2013 11:01 AM

Full sleeve with Matt & Flaco
I am a repeat offender of AoN. Matt has done the majority of my ink, although I have a few by other AoN artists. I have wanted a sleeve for a while, and I finally worked up mula to get going. I told Matt I wanted a Star Wars sleeve (I'm a total Star Wars nerd), Original Trilogy, the rest was up to him. He brought in Flaco, and I had a consult with them in November. I loved the ideas they had, and was excited to get started. I just had my fourth session with them, with one more to go, I think. It's nothing short of amazing. I'm so pleased with the work they have done, their patience, enthusiasm & dedication. I also enjoy my time at the studio, interacting with the entire staff. Everyone is so friendly, and they make me feel welcome. Love you all!

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