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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:happy9: happy9 happy9
:toothy2: toothy2 toothy2
:rr: rr rr
:withstupid: withstupid withstupid
:angry1: angry1 angry1
:naka: naka naka
[kiss] kuessen_sich kuessen_sich
:confused4: confused4 confused4
:sign3: sign3 sign3
:eusaquiet: Silenced Silenced
:glasses10: glasses10 glasses10
:tongue1: tongue1 tongue1
:king: king king
:laughing3: laughing3 laughing3
:cwm21: cwm21 cwm21
:angel2: angel2 angel2
:arrow: Arrow Arrow
:sad4: sad4 sad4
:eusanottalk: Not talking Not talking
:homework: homework homework
:tshirt: tshirt tshirt
:study: study study
:pain10: pain10 pain10
:lol: Laughing Laughing
:binky: binky binky
:pottytrain1: pottytrain1 pottytrain1
[burnout] burnout burnout
:evil2: evil2 evil2
:sleepy1: sleepy1 sleepy1
:cheese: cheese cheese
:happy8: happy8 happy8
:toothy1: toothy1 toothy1
:reindeer: reindeer reindeer
:hmph: hmph hmph
:angel13: angel13 angel13
:male: male male
[skepti] ist_skeptisch ist_skeptisch
:confused3: confused3 confused3
:sign2: sign2 sign2
:eusadance: Dancing Dancing
:glasses9: glasses9 glasses9
:thumbup: thumbup thumbup
:joker: joker joker
:laughing2: laughing2 laughing2
:cwm10: cwm10 cwm10
:angel1: angel1 angel1
:idea: Idea Idea
:boxing: boxing boxing
:sad3: sad3 sad3
:eusaanxious: Anxious Anxious
:home: home home
:triplets: triplets triplets
:spiderman: spriderman spriderman
:offtheair: offtheair offtheair
:alien: alien alien
:banghead: bandhead bandhead
:occasion9: occasion9 occasion9
[phone] telefoniert telefoniert
:evil1: evil1 evil1
:sign12: sign12 sign12
:cheers: cheers cheers
:happy7: happy7 happy7
:tongue10: tongue10 tongue10
:rabbit: rabbit rabbit
:love3: love3 love3
:hal hal hal
:p Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue
:angel12: angel12 angel12
:lurk: lurk lurk
[stur] bleibt_stur bleibt_stur
:confused2: confused2 confused2
:sign1: sign1 sign1
:eusaeh: Eh? Eh?
:geek: geek geek
:laughing1: laughing1 laughing1
:cussing: cussing cussing
:3some: 3some 3some
:?: Question Question
:book: book book
:sad2: sad2 sad2
:eusapray: Pray Pray
:glasses8: glasses8 glasses8
:thefinger: thefinger thefinger
:hippy2: hippy2 hippy2
:toothy10: toothy10 toothy10
:smurfin: smurfin smurfin
:nike: nike nike
:shock: Shocked Shocked
angry9: angry9 angry9
:occasion8: occasion8 occasion8
[blinzel] blinzel blinzel
:duckie: duckie duckie
:sign11: sign11 sign11
:cat: cat cat
:happy6: happy6 happy6
:tongue9: tongue9 tongue9
:queen: queen queen
:love2: love2 love2
:fucyc: fucyc fucyc
;) Wink Wink
:angel11: angel11 angel11
:lovestory: lovestory lovestory
[troest] wird_getroestet wird_getroestet
:confused1: confused1 confused1
:sex: sex sex
:eusashhh: Shhh Shhh
:flower: flower flower
:ky: ky ky
:brave: brave brave
:tool: tool tool
:!: Exclamation Exclamation
:blob8: blob8 blob8
:sad1: sad1 sad1
:eusashame: Shame on you Shame on you
:glasses7: glasses7 glasses7
:thebirdman: thebirdman thebirdman
:hiding: hiding hiding
:toothy9: toothy9 toothy9
:smurf: smurf smurf
:newb: newb newb
:sad: Sad Sad
:angry8: angry8 angry8
:occasion7: occasion7 occasion7
[tanz] tanzt tanzt
:downtown: downtown downtown
:sign10: sign10 sign10
:brilsmurf: brilsmurf brilsmurf
:happy5: happy5 happy5
:tongue8: tongue8 tongue8
:pukeright: puke_r puke_r
:love1: love1 love1
:fart: fart fart
:D Big Grin Big Grin
:angel10: angel10 angel10
:love10: love10 love10
[upside] upside_down upside_down
:computer: computer computer
:sad11: sad11 sad11
:eusabhoo: Boo hoo! Boo hoo!
:faroah: faroah faroah
:kermit: kermit kermit
:wave: wave wave
:bootyshake: bootyshake bootyshake
:tard: tard tard
:wink: Wink Wink
:blob7: blob7 blob7
:read: read read
:eusaliar: Liar Liar
:glasses3: glasses3 glasses3
:snorting: snorting snorting
:help: help help
:toothy8: toothy8 toothy8
:silent: silent silent
:munky2: munky2 munky2
:smile: Smile Smile
:angry7: angry7 angry7
:occasion6: occasion6 occasion6
[wink] winken winken
:dontknow: dontknow dontknow
:sign9: sign9 sign9
:bounce: bounce bounce
:happy4: happy4 happy4
:tongue7: tongue7 tongue7
:pukeleft: puke_l puke_l
:laughing9: laughing9 laughing9
:evil3: evil3 evil3
:o Embarrassment Embarrassment
:angel9: angel9 angel9
:love9: love9 love9
[depri] ist_depressiv ist_depressiv
:color: color color
:sad10: sad10 sad10
:eusasick: Sick Sick
:cyclopsani: cyclops_ani cyclops_ani
:jerk: jerk jerk
:wav: wav wav
:argue: argue argue
:stop: stop stop
:roll: Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
:blob6: blob6 blob6
:read2: read2 read2
:eusadrool: Drool Drool
:glasses2: glasses2 glasses2
:smilebox: smilebox smilebox
:hello2: hello2 hello2
:toothy7: toothy7 toothy7
:shaking: shaking shaking
:mumum: mumum mumum
:grin: Very Happy Very Happy
:angry6: angry6 angry6
:occasion5: occasion5 occasion5
[maennlich] m m
:dog: dog dog
:sign8: sign8 sign8
:blackeye: blackeye blackeye
:happy3: happy3 happy3
:tongue6: tongue6 tongue6
:profileright: profile_right profile_right
:laughing8: laughing8 laughing8
:edfirst: edfirst edfirst
:) Smile Smile
:angel8: angel8 angel8
:love8: love8 love8
[bigsmile] weint_vor_lachen weint_vor_lachen
:coffee2: coffee2 coffee2
:sad9: sad9 sad9
:eusatohand: Speak to the hand Speak to the hand
:cyclops: cyclops cyclops
:iroc: iroc iroc
:walk: walk walk
:angryfire: angryfire angryfire
:stfu: stfu stfu
:twisted: Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
:blob5: blob5 blob5
:protest: protest protest
:eusadoh: d'oh! d'oh!
:glasses1: glasses1 glasses1
:sleepy6: sleepy6 sleepy6
:hello1: hello1 hello1
:toothy6: toothy6 toothy6
:shaking2: shaking2 shaking2
:error: error error
:( Frown Frown
:angry5: angry5 angry5
:occasion4: occasion4 occasion4
[weiblich] w w
:director: director director
:sign7: sign7 sign7
:bigsmurf: bigsmurf bigsmurf
:happy2: happy2 happy2
:tongue5: tongue5 tongue5
:profileleft: profile_left profile_left
:laughing7: laughing7 laughing7
:angel7: angel7 angel7
:love7: love7 love7
[boese] boeser_blick boeser_blick
:coffee: coffee coffee
:sad8: sad8 sad8
:eusaangel: Angel Angel
:compress: compress compress
:idea1: idea1 idea1
:violent3: violent3 violent3
:tongue: tongue tongue
:spam2: spam2 spam2
:evil: Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
:blob4: blobl4 blobl4
:pottytrain5: pottytrain5 pottytrain5
:eusaappla: Applause Applause
:fish: fish fish
:sleepy5: sleepy5 sleepy5
:headbang: headbang headbang
:toothy5: toothy5 toothy5
:scratch: scratch scratch
:blah5: blah5 blah5
:confused: Confused Confused
:angry4: angry4 angry4
:occasion2: occasion2 occasion2
[aberaber] so_ja_nicht so_ja_nicht
:director2: director2 director2
:sign6: sign6 sign6
:albino: albino albino
:happy1: happy1 happy1
:tongue4: tongue4 tongue4
:pirate: pirate pirate
:laughing6: laughing6 laughing6
:angel5: angel5 angel5
:love6: love6 love6
[hamster] friendly_hamster friendly_hamster
:clock: clock clock
:sad7: sad7 sad7
:eusawhistle: Whistle Whistle
:icon_smile: icon_smile icon_smile
:violent1: violent1 violent1
:thumbleft: thumbleft thumbleft
:spam1: spam1 spam1
:cry: Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
:blob3: blob3 blob3
:pottytrain4: pottytrain4 pottytrain4
[shot] pistole pistole
:female: female female
:sleepy4: sleepy4 sleepy4
:colors: colors colors
:happy11: happy11 happy11
:toothy4: toothy4 toothy4
:santa: santa santa
:la: la la
:angry3: angry3 angry3
:occasion1: occasion1 occasion1
[schock] geschockt geschockt
:crybaby: crybaby crybaby
:sign5: sign5 sign5
:drunken: drunken drunken
:grommit: grommit grommit
:tongue3: tongue3 tongue3
:pale: pale pale
:laughing5: laughing5 laughing5
:dark1: dark1 dark1
:angel4: angel4 angel4
:love5: love5 love5
:mrgreen: Mr. Green Mr. Green
:bunny: bunny bunny
:sad6: sad6 sad6
:eusawall: Brick wall Brick wall
:iconbiggrin: icon_biggrin icon_biggrin
:usa2: usa2 usa2
:thumbright: thumbright thumbright
:sith: sith sith
:oops: Embarassed Embarassed
:blob2: blob2 blob2
:pottytrain3: pottytrain3 pottytrain3
[ying] yingyang yingyang
:evil5: evil5 evil5
:sleepy3: sleepy3 sleepy3
:clown: clown clown
:happy10: happy10 happy10
:toothy3: toothy3 toothy3
:salute: salute salute
:knob: knob knob
:mad: Mad Mad
:angry2: angry2 angry2
:notworthy: notworthy notworthy
[heul] verheult verheult
:confused5: confused5 confused5
:sign4: sign4 sign4
:bom: bom bom
:glasses11: glasses11 glasses11
:tongue2: tongue2 tongue2
:monkey: monkey monkey
:laughing4: laughing4 laughing4
:cya: cya cya
:angel3: angel3 angel3
:love4: love4 love4
:neutral: Neutral Neutral
:bs: bs bs
:sad5: sad5 sad5
:eusathink: Think Think
:tweety: tweety tweety
:sunny: sunny sunny
:puke: puke puke
:razz: Razz Razz
:blob: blob1 blob1
:pottytrain2: pottytrain2 pottytrain2
[ok] daumen_hoch daumen_hoch
:evil4: evil4 evil4
:sleepy2: sleepy2 sleepy2
:cherry: cherry cherry
:rolleyes: Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
:cool: Cool Cool
:eek: Surprised Surprised
:threadsucks: threadsucks threadsucks

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